Interior design of Art & Music Research Faculty

In initial studies, we concluded that we must create the least change in traditional mason, define the spacious personality of the project by adding adjunct elements with post modern approach and finally creating binary reciprocity like traditional/post modern, discipline/chaos, new/old, tough/smooth that caused to form the concept of the project. Adventitious elements consists of line and lines of the body of the traditional mason leading to take form and change to a favorable form by cutting, bending and folding and then being calm and silent in their place and status.Research Faculty is a silent and calm space in order to perform research and studying music and promoting this art, for this purpose, the adventitious elements were painted in white color. The forms were designed as if the lines of the mass in space are free, suspending and dancing and being fixed in one point. In lighting step of the project, the idea of musical lines and notes was used so far cables indicate lines of note and any one of the lights indicate music note. Lights in community hall were designed according to the Symphony no.5 of Beethoven. Meanwhile executing the project, the dried boughs of the trees were cutting; we picked up several dried boughs and hanged on the entrance section as a commemoration of the old trees to give another role to these boughs thereafter. By broadcasting music in the space of the Research Faculty, audio vibrations cause to make the boughs dancing, as if these boughs have soul and life.