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Dehkhoda 6 Story Medical Building



Type:Design & Construction


This project was suggested to us when the structure of the building has been completed and the employer was unsatisfied about the design of the project and manner of the lighting. Executing a structure in main part of the building have caused to decline rate of lighting of the spaces, and the employer concerned to use maximum area in the building did not concerned to three dimensional designing and terrace.

The building was in six floors that ground floor and under ground was allocated to entrance lobby, parking and storage and there were two trading units (medical application) from first to forth floors. A lot of constructions in the city have caused to decline green space considerably and by placing terrace in the floors, people use them as storage instead of placing plants and flowers and keep them clean in view of making the view of the city beautiful. The problem of urban green space is not solved but the other problem which is confusion of the structure of the city is added to this problem. Due to these facts, we decided to design an interior space for  plants and flowers. This space is not a terrace and can not be changed to a storage, but on the other hand, it is a terrace for placing plants and flowers and as well as opening windows to a space to use fresh air, and the request of the employer indicating to make use of the maximum area of the building has been observed. Making interior parts create different forms and the residents can experience new space and enjoy it.

We tried to use curtain wall for the purpose of having maximum light and the challenge of this idea was architectural floor with curtain wall that the problem was solved by retreating architectural floor for 25 centimeter from curtain wall and filling the empty space with tiny stones.

In suggesting design, we changed the two dimensional view to a three dimensional view by hiding the old design. Our goal was to display the design not only at days but also at nights in a different type. Lighting of the building was defined by cutting and folding in vice versa direction of the indented spaces and placing light over them.Using natural and coating wood in the superstructure of the building shows the personality of the façade of the building. Structural system is metal  and cooling-heating system is air conditioner.