Part Shahr Ati Co. was established in 2004 to fulfill engineering services in construction industry. The company has a certificate as Contractor of Construction and Retroration of Ancient monuments from the Vice President of Planning and Strategic Supervision organization.

Organizational structure

This company includes two technical-executive and logistics groups. The technical-executive group itself has threedifferent departments, planning, designing-construction and strategic management. Logistics department’s duty is to supervise proper execution of activities and internal affairs of company. This group also includes administrative, financial and technical support units, which are under direct supervision of CEO.

Scope of engineering services
The development horizon of this company is based on EPC pattern. To achieve this goal, the company has employed experienced engineers and architects in its Designing and Technical Unit, and it has a joint venture contract with LDA Consultant of Italy.

Members of Board

Eng. Pedram Pakzad
Member of board and CEO

MS of Architecture, University of Qazvin, 2004

Dr. Parisa Shahmohammadi
Member of board

Post-Doctorate, University of FU Berlin, 2011

Eng. Hamidreza Abdolahi
Member of board

Civil Engineering , Azad University of Qazvin , 2006

Eng. Sina Saeidi
Member of board

BS of Structure, Azad University of Qazvin, 2008

  • Eng. Mehdi Javid

    Technical Expert BS of Computer, Arak Science and Industry University, 2005
  • Eng. Matin ghasemnejad

    Designing Department Manager, MS of Architecture,Tehran Science and Industry University, 2011
  • Eng. Mohsen Sepehr

    Facade department manager ,Ms. of Structural Engineering,Tehran Tarbiat Modares University, 2015
  • Eng. Fatemeh Azhari

    Ms. of Project and Construction management,Tehran Tarbiat Modares University, 2016
  • Eng. Hamidreza Jamaly

    Restoration Department (BSof Restoration, Azad University of Hamedan, 2011)
  • Eng. Navid Narimani

    Workshop Supervisor (BS of Structure, Azad University of Qazvin, 2011)
  • Eng. Hassan Asadi

    Workshop Supervisor (BS of Structure, Azad University of Tehran, 2014)
  • Eng. Ashkan Gil Arab

    Workshop Supervisor (BS of Structure, Azad University of Mashhad, 2010)
  • Soheila Hassani

    Manager of Financial and Administrative Department BS of Accounting, Azad University of Karaj,2013
  • Sahar Askari

    Financial and Administrative Department (BS of Accounting, Azad University of Karaj,2013)
  • Leila Babaei

    Administration Department, (Human Sciences Diploma)
  • Mahmood Mohammadzade

    Financial Advisor, (Tehran University of Economic Sciences, 2006)
  • Eng. Elahe Shishechi

    Expert of Technical Office, (MS of Architecture, Azad University of Tehran, 2013)
  • Eng. Hamid moradi

    Workshop Supervisor (expert of mechanics, Azad University of Takestan, 2011)
  • Eng. Erfan Mehrabi

    Responsible for tenders (Civil Engineering ,Azad University, Qazvin, 20154)
  • Eng. Arash Haghani

    Workshop Supervisor (BS of Structure, Applied Scientific University of Abhar, 2013)

This company is ready to fulfill civil projects by the above mentioned power and experience.